this ain't a love story (chanquins) wrote in hoyeol,
this ain't a love story

2016 icon dump - 129 icons

As it's almost the new year, I've decided to clear out my icon folder so as to have a fresh clean folder for 2017. Most of these icons have been sitting in my folder for a while because I started making icons from the music video/movie/etc but then got lazy and never finished hahah story of my life.

2 vixx, 10 seventeen, 29 nct, 3 astro, 5 bts, 1 red velvet, 1 exo, 3 b1a4

- Credit me if using.
- Please do not re-edit.
Tags: !animated, group: astro, group: b1a4, group: bts, group: exo, group: nct, group: nct 127, group: red velvet, group: seventeen, group: vixx, movie: age of ultron, movie: star trek 2009
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